Lawrence University - XC - Track & Field

Track & Field Advanced Skills Camp

This camp is for students in their 3+ year participating in track and field and are more advanced.  Learn with college coaches and athletes who will analyze your form in your track event including Sprints, Distance Running, Throwing, Hurdling, Jumping, and Polevault. The camp will include a t-shirt and two 3 hour sessions.

June 13th & 20th

Grades: 9th-12th
Time: 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Cost: $70


Location: Whiting Field Alexander Gym 1100 E South River St Appleton WI 54915

Specific Event Descriptions:

Sprints: For Sprinters 400m and under you will get personalized attention and film analysis to improve in your sprinting and blocks. You will practice proper running form from head to toe more to give you an edge and finish faster in your next meet.

Hurdles: For hurdlers up to 400 meters, you’ll be getting personalized attention and film analysis to improve your hurdling event. We’ll show you how best to come out of the blocks, proper running form, hurdling form, and more to give you an edge and finish faster in your next meet.

Polevault: You love vaulting, and you want to get those big bars.  This session will have a two-part focus; the first is runway work on different drills, techniques, and training to make you jump to your full potential, the second is a big swing and finish of the jump. We have multiple drills and tips to get you gripping high and flying high! This camp will have a focus on safety and the correct progression for polevaulting. We will educate and progress at the level the athlete is comfortable. 

Jumps: Get repetitions in Long, Triple, High Jump. This session will focus on different drills, techniques, and training to help you jump to your full potential. This will include film analysis. 

Throws: This camp will teach the basics of Shot and Discus.  As a bonus you will also get to hold and learn the very basics of college implements of the hammer throw and the javelin throw. You will get time in the shot and disc circle along with assessment from our college coaches.

Distance: Our Distance/Cross Country sessions will be two parts: 1 part education and 1 part group interval workout on the track. We begin each session lecturing on a number of different topics such as: Nutrition, Training Theory, Goal Setting, Injury Management/Strength Training, and Mental Preparation for Competition. Workouts will be based around the abilities of the individuals and we will group runners with similar PRs together to make for great training groups. We will wrap up each workout with a session of core work and stretching.